VIA311 Academic Writing

Code VIA311
Name Academic Writing
Status Compulsory/Courses of Limited Choice
Level and type Undergraduate Studies, Professional
Field of study Languages
Academic staff Tatjana Hramova, Oksana Ivanova, Anita Eiholca, Irina Liokumoviča, Antra Roskoša, Larisa Iļinska, Alīna Vagele-Kricina
Credit points 4.0 (6.0 ECTS)
Parts 2
Annotation The course provides students with practice they need in order to incorporate new knowledge and skills..
The first part of the course introduces students into comprehensive rhetoric, conventions and style of English academic writing. It intends to develop the basic skills of paragraph organisation, sentence structure and specific strategies of English academic writing..
The second part of the course provides samples of academic writing and appropriate practice materials for students who need to write exam essays, abstracts, summaries, reports etc. in English..
The aim of the course – to enable students to write better for academic purposes — is achieved through applying a process-genre approach to writing, using authentic source texts, and a step-by-step method of teaching academic writing. All the classes in the course are conducted in the form of student-centred collaborative writing workshops to allow maximum time for writing, to foster students' independence and to facilitate meaningful written communication..
Goals and objectives
of the course in terms
of competences and skills
Aims of the course: • to develop the skills of writing academic texts in English; • to study the conventions of different types of academic writing; • to form an academic writing portfolio with samples of various types of academic essays: descriptive, expository, evaluative, reflective, etc. Objectives: • to study the components of academic writing style; • to master the conventions of academic writing: language, paragraph structure, format, etc.; • to study different forms of academic text organisation and development; • to improve clarity, accuracy, and fluency of writing in academic English; • to develop individual writing strategies and learning strategies
Learning outcomes
and assessment
Students are able to discuss theoretically the knowledge acquired during the course on the principles, methods and techniques of scientific writing, and apply it practically. - Assessment: practical tasks, seminars, exam. Students select the theme to be discussed in the scientific paper (term paper) according to their interests and competences.
Students are able to identify and select purposefully features, forms and structures of scientific and popular scientific style. - Assessment: practical tasks, seminars, term paper. Are able to formulate the aims and tasks of the scientific paper, providing logical basis for the framework of the work and selecting relevant principles of work layout.
Are able to analyze scientific and reference literature, periodicals, internet catalogues etc., and practically apply the skills acquired in the conceptual framework of the course, developing formal and structural standards. - Assessment: draft of the term paper, exam. Students submit the draft of the term paper providing relevant conceptual and structural framework of the work.
Students are able to present relevantly term papers, reproducing written speech. - Students are able to coherently present the developed term paper, using PowerPoint presentation. Evaluation: presentations during semester – tested/not tested, exam – mark according 10 grade scale.
Course prerequisites English language skills at B2 level according to CEFR

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