VIA185 Lexicology and Stylistics

Code VIA185
Name Lexicology and Stylistics
Status Compulsory/Courses of Limited Choice; Courses of Free Choice
Level and type Undergraduate Studies, Professional
Field of study Languages
Academic staff Irina Liokumoviča, Larisa Iļinska, Anita Eiholca, Tatjana Hramova, Tatjana Smirnova
Credit points 2.0 (3.0 ECTS)
Parts 1
Annotation The course introduces the fundamental notions of Lexicology and Stylistics, it covers the main themes of modern English lexicology and stylistics: language units, word building, semantic changes, phraseology, borrowings, semasiology, neology, lexicography, methods of stylistic analysis, stylistic expressive means and their classification. It enables students to uncover the layers, patterns and levels that constitute stylistic description in the process of translation the texts from the source into the target ones..
Goals and objectives
of the course in terms
of competences and skills
The aim of the course: to teach theoretical fundamentals of lexicology and stylistics. Objectives of the course: • to define neutral and stylistically marked units; • to identify the norm of written language in different functional variants; • to acquaint students with different language styles; • to introduce artistic means of expression; • to analyze stylistic expressive means and discover additional stylistic information (characteristic for technical texts); • to acquaint students with the main unit of language – the word, its structure, meaning and word-formation possibilities of the English language.
Learning outcomes
and assessment
Students are able to analyze fundamentals of lexicology and compare the main types of dictionaries, types of dictionary structure and evaluation criteria. - Assessment: seminars, exam. Are able to purposefully select and use relevant vocabulary/lexis, searching for, solving, checking, evaluating the results.
Students are able to recognize and define regularities of the English lexis in speech and text (word meaning, word building, semantics, lexical norms, etc.) - Assessment: seminars, exam. Are able to analyze the norms of language lexical system and use them in language and speech. Seminar – report evaluated as tested/not tested; exam – discussion, mark according to 10 grade scale.
Students are able to differentiate among functional styles, recognize characteristic features of each style. - Assessment: seminars, exam. Are able to analyze texts belonging to various functional styles.
Students are able to discuss most frequently used stylistic means and devices and compare their usage in English, Latvian and Russian. - Assessment: seminars, exam. Seminar – report evaluated as tested/not tested; exam – discussion, mark according to 10 grade scale.
Course prerequisites English language skills at B2 level according to CEFR

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