VIA010 Internship (Translation Methods and Practice)

Code VIA010
Name Internship (Translation Methods and Practice)
Status Internship
Level and type Post-graduate Studies, Professional
Field of study Languages
Academic staff Larisa Iļinska, Tatjana Smirnova, Marina Platonova, Jūlija Kuzņecova
Credit points 6.0 (9.0 ECTS)
Parts 1
Annotation Students implement a terminographical project, taking part in compiling databases of terms in relevant scientific technical fields. Students contribute terms, synonymous terms and explanation entries; assess terms submitted by peer students; study lexical phenomena associated with term formation: synonymy, polysemy, homonymy, etc. .
Goals and objectives
of the course in terms
of competences and skills
The aim of the Masters internship is to perfect and reinforce students' skills and competence in terminology translation, standardization and development. The tasks of internship: 1. to develop a terminology thesaurus; 2. to select entries that are representative of terminology in a given field; 3. to organize entries following the guidelines for thesauri development; 4. to establish semantic relationships between the entries; 5. to demonstrate awareness of the source and target language word formation patterns; 6. to be able to present and justify the results of one’s work.
Learning outcomes
and assessment
Students are able to illustrate application options of principles and methods of contemporary terminology theory. - Students demonstrate theoretical knowledge acquired on terminology management methods, aims and systems, presenting reports in the lecture room. Assessment: thesaurus, mark acc. to 10 grade scale.
Students are able to study theoretical premises of terminography. - Students on the basis of terminology science premises inform the peers at seminars on particular strategies of term formation, term base compilation and other issues in the field. Assessment: 10 grade scale.
Students are able to use terminology data bases and recognize principles and methods of their compilation. - Students standardize and apply in practice theoretical knowledge acquired within the framework of professional studies. Assessment: 10 grade scale.
Students are able to acquire research and academic skills for independent meaning analysis at various levels. - Assessment: thesaurus. Evaluation: mark according to 10 grade scale
Course prerequisites English language skills at C1 level according to CEFR

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