EVA703 Introduction to Study Field

Code EVA703
Name Introduction to Study Field
Status Compulsory/Courses of Limited Choice
Level and type Undergraduate Studies, Academic
Field of study Environmental Engineering and Management
Faculty Department of Environment and Energy Systems
Academic staff Dace Lauka
Credit points 2.0 (3.0 ECTS)
Parts 1
Annotation The main issues of the course: content of environmental science bachelor study program and its realization; organization of study process; definition, history and problems of environmental science; basic principles of sustainable development; career opportunities..
Goals and objectives
of the course in terms
of competences and skills
To acquire idea of the study programs’ content and idea of study processes’ organization. To gain knowledge about sphere of environmental science and its development history. To comprehend principles of sustainable development. To gather information about potential labor market of the specialty.
Learning outcomes
and assessment
Ability to identify environmental pollution - Examination: Practical work. Assessment criteria: is able to determine pollution in a real environment and to describe its impact on ecosystem and society.
Ability to practically use the principles of sustainable development - Examination: Practical work. Assessment criteria: is able to propose suggestions for situation improvements in the polluted territories, taking into account ecological, social and economical aspects.
Ability to identify the potential working places and career opportunities in the specialty - Examination: Game. Assessment criteria: is able to offer an opinion, as well as to find answers on self interested questions, discussing about the potential labor options.
Ability to comprehend organization of study process and to use it in praxis - Examination: green patrols, game, discussion. Assessment criteria: is able to fulfill the given practical works by carrying out their tasks.

Course prerequisites Natural sciences (accordingly to level of secondary school)

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