IUF710 Master Thesis

Code IUF710
Name Master Thesis
Status Graduation Test
Level and type Post-graduate Studies, Academic
Academic staff Nataļja Lāce, Jeļena Titko, Konstantins Kozlovskis, Guna Ciemleja, Nadežda Koleda, Natālija Fiļipoviča, Jūlija Bistrova
Credit points 20.0 (30.0 ECTS)
Parts 1
Annotation Master Thesis for obtaining a degree in financial management is to be a qualitative scientific research work, which is to be defended publicly. The theme of the Master Thesis is chosen at the end of the first year of studies. Having consulted scientific supervisor and the head of the program, the object, methods and problem of the research are analyzed. Together with the appropriate academic content, the Master Thesis has to contain clearly specified objectives, literature analysis; analysis of statistical information obtained from different sources; theoretical and empirical research using the primary and secondary data; critical analysis of the data used and the results obtained; elements of theoretical novelty. Master Thesis is evaluated according to a defined order and evaluation criteria..
Goals and objectives
of the course in terms
of competences and skills
Systematization, consolidation and broadening of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills in business finance management, as well as working out of scientifically practical approach and promotion of economically oriented way of thinking in solving market economy tasks. Analysis of a topical scientific issue, theoretical framework of the tasks, using skills for solving the research problem, which includes both separate and complex generalization and novelty elements in the field of business finance management. Development and consolidation of skills to carry out independent scientific research and defend scientifically practical results obtained in the course of the research.
Learning outcomes
and assessment
Students will be able to provide justification of the novelty of the theme, to formulate the aim and objectives of their research topic. They will be able to process information and solve management problems using theoretical knowledge. - 1) Master Thesis, its reference and review. 2) Public presentation of the Master Thesis.
Students will be able to independently choose research methods and theoretical sources for development of Master Thesis. They will be able to apply appropriate tools and methods for innovative problem solving, as well as search, gather, process and analyse data. - Master Thesis on a specific topic is developed with the help of chosen research methods.
Students will be able to make independent conclusions and present proposals for addressing a particular problem. They will be able to demonstrate high level professional knowledge covering essential and modern aspects related to typical functions of an organization. - 1) Master Thesis, its reference and review. 2) Public presentation of the Master Thesis.
Students will be able to present the Master Thesis, to present their proposals and personal opinion, as well as answer questions about the industry and the area in question. - 1) Master Thesis, its reference and review. 2) Public presentation of the Master Thesis.

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