IET108 History of Economic Thought

Code IET108
Name History of Economic Thought
Status Compulsory/Courses of Limited Choice
Level and type Undergraduate Studies, Academic
Field of study Economics
Academic staff Leonīds Krilovs
Credit points 3.0 (4.5 ECTS)
Parts 1
Annotation Earliest evidence of economic thought. Ancient economic thought. Mercantilism doctrine and practice. Classical economic thought: French classical school, English classical school. Neo-classical economic thought: pioneers of neoclassicism, Vienna school, mathematical school, English-American neo-classical school. German historical school: dispute on the method. Institutional school: institutional analysis and industrial state. J. M. Keynes: The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money. Post-Keinesian macro economics in Europe and the USA. New Keinesian economics. Monetarism..
Goals and objectives
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of competences and skills
Learning outcomes
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Course prerequisites

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