IUE217 Business Economics

Code IUE217
Name Business Economics
Status Compulsory/Courses of Limited Choice; Courses of Free Choice
Level and type Undergraduate Studies, Academic
Field of study Economics
Academic staff Tālis Laizāns
Credit points 2.0 (3.0 ECTS)
Parts 1
Annotation Types of business. General description of company's assets and sources of financing. Intangible assets. Composition and utilization of fixed assets. Current assets, utilization indicators. Labour resources. Indicators of labour productivity. Types and systems of remuneration. Concepts of costs and expenditures. Classification of costs. Calculation of prime cost. Calculation of cost items. Profit and profitability, factors affecting profitability..
Goals and objectives
of the course in terms
of competences and skills
Learning outcomes
and assessment

Course prerequisites

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