MSE002 Master Thesis

Code MSE002
Name Master Thesis
Status Graduation Test
Level and type Post-graduate Studies, Professional
Academic staff Dmitrijs Rusovs
Credit points 20.0 (30.0 ECTS)
Parts 1
Annotation The Master Thesis is completed in the Syllabus Heat Power and Thermal Engineering that goes in power industry, heat power branch. The papers are worked out on topical problems and a wide variety of topics: heat production, diversification of fuels, energy efficiency, district heating, thermal treatment of materials, drying, low-potential heat utilization, with heat pumps, for example, Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) units use, etc. Every topic covers world experience, experiments on existing and created units are done, technical processes and apparatus are designed, produced, tested..
Goals and objectives
of the course in terms
of competences and skills
The aim of the work is to enhance interest of master program students in research and pedagogical work in the current branches of heat power industry, as well as to develop the ability to provide individual and original solutions of problems, technological processes, design of units and apparatus.
Learning outcomes
and assessment
The ability to analyze scientific, research and technical literature sources and create new ideas. - A positive evaluation for the analysis and conclusions drawn from scientific, research, technical literature sources is received.
Acquired research calculation methods and is able to use them to solve necessary problems. - A positive evaluation on the understanding of research methods is received.
Understanding of modern technologies and ability to use them in practice. - A positive evaluation on the understanding of heat production, distribution and use technologies is received.
Ability to complete calculations and work out drafts with the help of appropriate software. - A positive evaluation on the ability to use calculation, design and industrial software is received.
Ability to present and defend worked out materials and results. - Has proved the ability to present and defend worked out materials and results.

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