ĶVT511 Environment Managament

Code ĶVT511
Name Environment Managament
Status Compulsory/Courses of Limited Choice
Level and type Post-graduate Studies, Academic
Field of study Environmental Engineering and Management
Faculty Department of General Chemical Engineering
Academic staff Valdemārs Ščerbaks
Credit points 3.0 (4.5 ECTS)
Parts 1
Annotation ISO 14000 Basic principles. Environment quality assesment. Implementation of ISO14000 standards in industry. Preparation for the environmental audit. Determining and evaluation of the environmental aspects. Developing the action plan. .
Goals and objectives
of the course in terms
of competences and skills
Simplified environmental system for small and medium enterprises (Ecomapping).
Learning outcomes
and assessment
Student is capable of developing Ecomapping SME (small and medium enterprises) - Type of the test: Home assignment is presented during the class.
Student is capable of executing the analysis necessary for the manufacturing process - Criteria: Student justifies the developed technological scheme. Student has to be able to answer the questions of the auditory and the professor.
Course prerequisites

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